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Avoid Hearing Loss in the First Place

Anyone who uses power tools or guns on a regular basis is putting their hearing at risk through two very different avenues. You could say the same for those using the lawn mower, shooting, hunting, or watching fireworks.

ACS hearing protection


These custom earplugs are specially designed for those who enjoy loud activities and want to hear everything clearly but don’t want to damage their hearing. Concertgoers, music fans, and musicians themselves will get the most out of these earplugs, as the filters and vented design give you the most accurate sound experience of any hearing protector, with a flat decibel reduction across all frequencies. This means you’ll hear clearly every note, high or low, and you’ll be able to speak without the “plugged-up” feeling that is common when the ear canal is obstructed.

These natural-sounding earplugs are custom-fit to the unique contours of your ear, so they fit snugly for hours of comfortable, continual use. Decibel filters range from 10 to 27 decibels (dB) of noise protection.


The DefendEar is a series of hunting protection devices that digitally protect the ear from the blast of gunshots — sounds powerful enough to damage your hearing instantly. When shots are not being fired, the DefendEar amplifies some tones for added situational awareness in the field. DefendEar is custom-molded and hand-finished to specifically fit your ears.

DefendEar digital hearing protection products offer a number of benefits that standard earplugs don’t, like noise attenuation when you pull the trigger, as well as wind reduction. DefendEar has plugs that are optimized for intermittent or continual shots, and the series offers selectable amplification levels to adjust to environmental sounds easier.

Contact our practice today to learn more about how DefendEar can protect your hearing while helping you get the most out of your game hunt.

Defend ear

Sound gear


SoundGear creates digital hearing protection for hunters and shooters, police and military, and industrial workers. SoundGear earplugs instantly dampen noise levels that exceed 95 dB, making them useful for a variety of situations in which communication would be difficult with use of standard earplugs.

Anyone who uses power tools or guns on a regular basis is putting their hearing at risk through two very different avenues. Manufacturing- and industry-related hearing loss tends to occur over a long period of time, because many work zones feature loud noises that are consistently above 85 dB (the point at which loud noise begins to damage hearing). Firearms typically sound off at 140 dB or more, which is enough to cause pain and instantaneous hearing damage.

SoundGear is convenient to carry and comfortable to wear, and it protects hearing from the most dangerous noises while enhancing communication at lower volume levels. Contact our practice today to learn more about how digital hearing protection can benefit your life.

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