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CaptionCall is a free assistive technology service that helps with landline phone conversations by clearly displaying the spoken words of the individual you’re talking to — instantly. Not only does CaptionCall allow you to catch every word of your conversation, but it provides a clear advantage to those who prefer to use landlines while wearing hearing aids.

How do they work and how can I get them?

It’s easy to use: A friend or family member calls your CaptionCall phone through your landline phone number, and you speak to one another normally. If you need captions, press the “captions on” button on the phone, and the caller’s voice will connect to the CaptionCall service, where a communications assistant converts the caller’s words to text using a voice-recognition technology. The words then display over the seven-inch screen for you to read while you’re talking — just in case you miss a word or two.

The CaptionCall services and phone are free if a qualified hearing care professional signs a certification form that details your hearing loss and your need for a captioned telephone service. High-speed internet and a landline telephone are both required to use the service.

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