Hearing aids come in a variety of styles and sizes.

Learn about the benefits of each and which style will best fit your needs.

Invisible hearing aid style

Our discreet invisible-in-canal hearing aid offers a secure fit and advanced noise-processing technology, making it ideal for life on the go.

Resound - GN rechargeable hearing aids

Rechargeable hearing aids are more reliable, less of a hassle, and more powerful than conventional batteries. See the difference you’ll be able to hear with our rechargeable hearing aid options.

AGXrQ Receiver in the ear hearing aid
Smartphone Compatible

Hearing aids that function in sync with your smartphone are among the most convenient technology available — but no hearing system operates as an extension of your devices the way these do.

Completely-in-canal hearing aid style

Sleek and subtle, this completely-in-canal technology is molded to the contours of your ear for a superior fit that offers a natural look and hearing experience.

Behind-the-ear hearing aid style

Our behind-the-ear technology puts you in control with customizable fit options, wireless connectivity, and easy volume control.

In-the-canal hearing aid style

With a discreet, glasses-friendly fit and external controls, our in-the-canal technology is the perfect piece to complement your lifestyle.

In-the-ear hearing aid style

Our in-the-ear hearing aids are custom molded for you and are powerful and comfortable, allowing for all-day use.

Receiver-in-canal hearing aid style

Beat the annoying, constant buzzing and ringing of tinnitus, and reestablish a sense of normalcy in your life with the AGX® tinnitus solution.

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