Did you know? Nearly all hearing loss can be treated, yet only about 30 percent of adults 70 and older who could benefit from hearing aids actually use them, according to the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders, and only 16 percent of people ages 20 to 69 who could benefit seize the opportunity.

That just won’t do. At ###practice_name###, we know the difference better hearing can make in people’s lives — from better brain health and cognitive function to decreased risks of mortality, income loss, and so on. In fact, adults treated for hearing loss report significant improvements in relationships, mental health, social engagement, and more.

Recently, our partners in hearing care recognized us for our commitment to helping our community hear its best. We won two awards from Audigy Group, a management company whose members consist of independently owned audiology practices proud to bring better hearing to those in need across North America:

  • We won the Collins Operational Effectiveness Award, honoring our practice for exemplary discipline, productivity, and creativity.
  • We earned the Provider Distinction Award, given to our hearing instrument specialists Candace Coston and Cathy Stewart, for helping the most patients achieve their hearing health goals. They are not only actively contributing to our practice, but are improving more patients’ lives than most in the industry.

As members of Audigy Group, we’re proud to earn this level of recognition — the kind of recognition that comes from a commitment to patient-centered care, state-of-the-art technology, honesty, integrity, and value.

The biggest reward, however, is seeing our patients reconnect with loved ones, watching them rediscover what they enjoy, and improving their overall health through better hearing.

Are you having difficulty hearing? Do your loved ones think you’re having hearing problems? If so, contact us for an evaluation. Start your journey to better hearing today.