Do you need hearing help? At Brooks Hearing & Speech Clinic, your total wellness is our priority. If you’ve ever thought of buying a hearing aid without a professional hearing evaluation or the expert advice of a licensed hearing care expert, it’s important for your health that you read this first.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has sounded the alarm on over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids — especially those sold online or by mail. In a new consumer alert, AG Paxton warns that many of these OTC devices:

  • Do not have federal Food and Drug Administration approval
  • “Are deceptively marketed as medical hearing devices when they contain low-quality amplifiers”

How can you secure the right care for your hearing needs? We couldn’t agree more with the attorney general, who advises consumers seeking hearing aids to “get a hearing screening and recommendation from a hearing professional who can tell you what type of hearing device will work best for you.”


Read the full consumer alert from AG Paxton’s office — including ways to research sellers through the Better Business Bureau — at And remember that we’re HEAR for you!